Barend & Jade's Raglan Wedding

Just a super quick blog post for this lovely couple with a few images in from yesterdays epic wedding out at Raglan.. Just as we thought the weather was going to pack in and turn grey and rainy for the day it had a change of mind and decided to be lovely and warm so Barend and Jade could get married outside on the clifftops at Raglan beach just as planned.....Here are just a few form the Bridal party photos.

We found the most adorable vintage bridge with an old willow tree hanging over and a tree lined driveway that was just dreamy !!

Oh my gosh that car......Wow !!!

The girls were absolutely on point and looked amazing !!

And the boys looked super handsome, although my tough man pose turned into everyone practicing their best Zoolander expressions and ended it fits of laughter......!!

Then we headed to the beach, just as the sun was almost down and casting long end of day shadows across the beach........

And as we were all still giggling away from the boys Zoolander poses, A bit of skipping down the beach seemed appropriate!!... We couldn't stop laughing... and of course we made them do it several times.......!!

Then down to some dreamy photos for the newly married couple on the rocks as the sun set behind the cliffs.......

Thank you so much for sharing your day with me , It was truly stunning !!!